Manufacturing Companies in Canada (List of 38,000+)

We have over 800,000 Canadian businesses in our database, and manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the country.

Just under 5% of overall businesses (38,000) fall into this category.

Canadian Manufacturing Companies Table

The table just below will give you access to this company information, along with contact information where available.

If you’d like to narrow down the results further by location, the simplest way is to visit our homepage and do a custom search (selecting a location and “manufacturing” as the industry).

Otherwise, you have access to 500 randomized manufacturing companies for free, with an option to upgrade if you need access to the full set of data. We highly recommend downloading and working with a CSV (spreadsheet), in order to integrate these leads with any others that you have.

Top Locations for Manufacturing Companies in Canada

In some cases, you may want to tailor a marketing campaign to manufacturing companies in a certain area.

After sorting through our data by province, it’s clear that the bulk of manufacturing in Canada takes place in 4 provinces: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Province Count Percentage
ON 14500 42.48%
QC 7437 21.79%
BC 4656 13.64%
AB 3941 11.55%
MB 922 2.70%
NS 879 2.58%
SK 723 2.12%
NB 526 1.54%
NL 314 0.92%
PE 149 0.44%
NT 44 0.13%
YT 42 0.12%
NU 1 0.00%

Ontario alone contains over 40% of the manufacturing businesses in our country, so it will often be the first place that anyone marketing to the manufacturing sector should focus their efforts.

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